Ode to My Mom

Our mom was not our biggest cheerleader. Though, in volume alone, she is always the loudest one on the course. Our mom was our biggest supporter and there is a difference.

She set the bar and defined dedication by example. She, by all means, was dedicated to us. She believed that having kids was her most important job in life, and she stayed true to that belief. We felt supported in our dreams and passions. When we had a 3 hour training ride and it was 40 degrees and raining or we were questioning an adventure, she was quick to respond "get out there, you wimp" or "why wouldn't you go, this is fun". It was always for the fun of it! She encouraged us to get back up when we needed to persevere. At races, we would simply celebrate the fact that we were sitting in the parking lot. We had made it the the State Championships! To my mom, the results didn't matter as long as we tried our best. Trying our best was not taken lightly, it was a tall, tough order. And whether we had our best race or a DNF, she was there.



We lived from a series of 9x12s not 2x10 or 1x11. No we are not talking gearing. We are talking casserole dishes full of leftovers. Always prepped on Sundays, in order to ensure nutritious meals together as a family when our weeks became inundated with sport schedules.

She set the bar for us, and we reflect on her ways often as we ourselves now mentor young girls.


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