It's Team Sho-Air Twenty20 for next season and the Olympic run up!

2016-07-02 16.16.10-2.jpg

I am completely thrilled at the opportunity Sho-Air, Scott Tedro, Team Twenty20, Julia Violich, Nicola Cramer and my other supporting sponsors have given me for the next two seasons. Garneau will be providing the kits, helmet, and shoes. L.L Bean will be outfitting me for any adventure my heart desires. Colavita will be providing the healthy food to fuel my Olympic aspirations. I’ll be riding Felt bikes outfitted with Praxis wheels and SRAM drivetrain and components.

Change can be a great thing and it has lit a fire within me. I’m working as hard as ever and I am motivated. My coach and I have completely revamped everything, and I’m excited to see what kind of season in brings me. The big change started with an amazing ski training block in Norway that doubled as Frazier and my honeymoon. I’ve never skied that much in my life and it’s provided an amazing base of fitness. We skied over 300 kms in ten days. I’m currently nordic skiing, strength training, and riding the rollers with more intervals and harder efforts every week mixed in with endurance skis. I’ll head out to Tucson in February to start getting my legs spinning in circles, and then kick off my season at a race in Puerto Rico in early March. It’s onto the U.S Cups in Bonelli and Vail Lake, CA from there, and the season is rolling. I am SO EXCITED. Let’s go! Velonews described the change best in the article here!

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